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The Lanaudière Industrial and Experimental Carrefour

Lanaudière Inustrial and Experimental Carrefour

The Plant Valorisation Centre is location 30 km from Montreal in L'Assomption within the Lanarudière Industrial and Experimental Carrefour. The Centre folllows the long tradition of research and development activities in agriculture assocaited with the municipality of L'Assomption and the Lanadière region since 1928.


The mission of the Plant Valorisation Centre is to promote new economic activities in horticulture and biotechnology through new-technology scientific development services, testing and transfer activities.

High Quality Research Environment

The Centre has offices and laboratories specially designed for horticultural and plant biotechnology research and development projects. Companies and research groups wishing to conduct research and development projects in horticulture and plant biotechnology have access to modern facilities that include:

Growth Chambers

Cold Rooms


Wide Fields of Expertise

Plant Valorisation Centre

The Centre has a high level scientific and technocal team on site for research and development contracts in areas such as medicial plants, plant biotechnology, cultivar trials, product validation, cultivation techniques and technology transfer. Ongoing support is also provided to the research groups using the Centre's facilities.

A Preferential Partnership

To pursue its long-term objectives, the Centre intentds to introduce a research and development program in medicinal plants and extracts with added value. The Centre wants to collaborate with any company or group interested in this specific sector or in other research and development projects.

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