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BioΣyneterra Solutions Inc. researches, produces, registers and commercializes eco-technologies that benefit plant growth and their health. Mycorrhizal (my-core-rise-all) fungi form the foundation of these technologies that effectively absorb water and nutrients, secrete various substances that create soil structure and an ideal environment for beneficial organisms to flourish and discourage harmful pathogens from attacking. In return, the mycorrhizal fungi receive sugars and other substances from the plant for their own nutrition and reproduction in a mutually beneficial partnership that has been around for 400 million years!

Σ= Diversified Technologies

In order to bring to our customers the very best, we have partnered with the very best the world has to offer with regards to beneficial eco-technologies and we will continue to grow the family of products with addition of new and complementary members.  By complementing our own microbial technological know-how to that of others in a strategic, cost effective model, we are able to bring these essential tools to market faster. We deliver thousands of units to several markets directly or in collaboration with our valued partners. We have at our disposal, a myriad of different product formulations and delivery system solutions including powders, gels, granular and liquid forms and we routinely produce customized blends for specific application needs.

Σ= Research & Development supported by Science

BioΣyneterra Solutions Inc. provides expert technical and scientific support.  Pre and post sales technical support services are also an integral part of what BioΣyneterra Solutions Inc. has to offer. Together with our partners, we have presented and published hundreds of scientific, technical and trade articles in numerous journals, magazines, trade shows and scientific conferences around the globe.  We have formed and worked in conjunction with independent academic and government agencies for research and development to invent, test, register and certify all product technology offers.

Σ= Results and Client-oriented Service

Based on client specifications, we optimize and promote the beneficial eco-solutions by working with the specific needs and conditions of our clients. Customer satisfaction is our priority and is the reason BioΣyneterra Solutions Inc. has structured such an integrated business model in order to bring the very best the world has to offer to our clients.

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