To form a global network with strategic, environmental-based technology partners to promote the development, manufacturing and commercialization of eco-friendly alternative solutions.

Origins & History

The company’s name, “BioSyneterra”, originates from Greek roots, meaning “life with the earth”, and directly translated means “partners” . The name characterizes the company’s mission and technologies: To form a global network with strategic, environmental-based technology partners, to promote the development, manufacturing and commercialization of cost-effective, eco-friendly technologies. At the core, mycorrhizas, (from the Greek "mukés", meaning fungus, and "rhiza," meaning roots), are mutualistic symbionts which link the plant, soil and the below-ground organisms and ensure that a living soil is functioning in a healthy, balanced and productive manner. Finally, the laurel or olive wreath was carefully and purposely selected to characterize the nature and goals of the company and its core technology including, peace (harmony), victory (winning), science (scholars, laureates) such that science-based, environmentally harmonious technologies bring profitable results to our clients and business partners in a truly mutualistic framework.

BioSyneterra Solutions Inc. operations and research facilities are based at the Lanaudiere Industrial and Experimental Carrefour, in L’Assomption, Quebec, Canada. With infrastructures conducive to horticultural and plant biotechnology research and development projects, the company is part of a strategic newtwork with valued partners from industry, government and academic sectors. Biosyneterra Solutions Inc. and its partners have decades of combined experience in the field of ecological technology products, from research and development to registration, application and commercialization.

The company is active in testing, registering and promoting the various eco-technology products either under its own brand, “MYKOΣYN” or those of its partners internationally in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Products are designed and in certain cases, tailor-made according to customers needs! Formulations include but are not limited to gels, granulars, liquids, powders and tablets. In addition, the company is investing in Emissions Reduction Pools (ERP) to be marketed to companies under the Kyoto Accord in order to meet emission commitments.

Pre and post sales support services are also an integral part of BioSyneterra Solutions offer. Together with our partners, we have presented and published hundreds of scientific, technical and trade articles in numerous journals, magazines, trade shows and scientific conferences around the globe. Working in synergy with its partners, the company has been involved in founding and actively serves on Boards or Committees of organizations as the International Mycorrhizal Society (IMS), Mycorrhizal Commercial Relations Committee (MCRC), as well as certain non-profit organizations such as Plant Inoculants Canada (PIC) and Carrefour Industriel et Experimental de Lanaudiere (CIEL). Customer satisfaction is our priority and is the reason BioSyneterra Solutions Inc. has structured such an integrated business model in order to bring the very best the world has to offer to our clients.

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